Would you trust your 7 year-old son to buzz cut your hair? Selma Blair did.

June 17, 2019

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Selma Blair's son must really be quite a lil' fella. As she continues to so openly share her daily stuggles, Selma just shared a photo that probably frighten most mothers were they in the same position.

She decided to go super short with her do -- perhaps because it's easier to maintain, perhaps because it's summertime -- and she trusted her son to take the clippers to her head.

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This reminds me of the cut she had when she made her guest appearance on Friends. Remember that? Selma looks fantastic with short hair.

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Makes me want to cut my hair super short! Just looks so freeing, doesn't it?! It's really a must if you spent lots of your summer in the pool or the ocean. Although, it is a look that not everyone can pull off.