You'll cry tears of joy watching Liev Schreiber adopt pups from Texas

September 8, 2017

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Well, I don't want to make anyone blush but how about something along the lines of: Those are some lucky pups! We all know that Harvey decimated homes in southeast Texas and while so many are picking up the pieces from scratch, lost along with all of their possessions were hundreds of pets who are now without homes and families to love them.

Home at last... #hurricaneharvey @livekellyandryan

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And you're right. After losing their home and family in the chaos that was hurricane Harvey, these pup siblings (a boy and a girl) now belong to Liev Schreiber and his two boys. He was at LIVE with Kelly and Ryan to promote the new season of Ray Donovan when they just happened to have some displaced pets on site who are in need of new loving homes. These two in particular caught Liev's eye, even though his boys (via Facetime with mom, Naomi Watts) wanted to see ALL the dogs before choosing. Watch:

We'll never know what it's like to ride home on Liev Schreiber's lap, but we can dream can't we.

Look what I just got. Couple of orphans from Houston checking out the Big Apple for the first time. Thank you #kellyandryan #harvey

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Small as they are, Liev will be able to take them almost anywhere with ease.

Pups sleeping in the Sherpa bag. @livekellyandryan #hurricaneharvey #lievschreiber #woodyandwillow

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And even though they aren't together anymore it seems like this co-parenting thing is going well.