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Georgetown Christmas Stroll

T he beautiful town square in downtown Georgetown really tranforms around the holidays into a charmingly picturesque scene complete with window displays, delicious treats, carol singers and local vendors. Be sure to see the live nativity scene at the Bethlehem Village, the Grinch at Who Villlage... Read More

Taylor will now be able to play all your faves at the AMAs

There's been a lot going on in Taylor's world over the past week. You may have seen some of the back and forth regarding whether or not Taylor Swift had permission to perform her older stuff live at the upcoming American Music Awards. The issue is that the master rights to those older songs are... Read More

Hilaria Baldwin, Alec Baldwin second miscarriage

Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria have a beautiful family and you're only seeing half of it here because they have four children together. Earlier this year Hilaria was very candid about having a miscarriage and her self-care afterwards. Most women who've had one feel it's a topic that has long... Read More

Meghan Markle already pregnant again

Meghan gave birth to baby Archie in early May and as I've seen her in photos over the past few months I figured she was taking time losing the baby weight. And thank goodness! Because with everything new mothers go through, feeling pressure to get their glorious-miracle-creating bodies in pre-baby... Read More

John Legen, Kelly Clarkson, Baby it's cold outside,

First of all, these two in a duet -- Fabulous! They sound phenomenal together and I hope they'll do a whole album. But if you don't love the revised rendition of the classic that is 'Baby, it's Cold Outside,' you are not alone. There's a lot of criticism of it on the interwebs today and maybe it's... Read More

Make-a-wish foundation, most wishes ever, John Cena

It's obviously someone who's a hunk-ahunk-a burnin' love. You can tell that without looking at his face for sure. And the answer is professional wrestler, John Cena. Surprised? Wait until you read what he says about the experience of granting children's wishes, you're gonna wish you could hang out... Read More

When you go out on a second date, who should pay?

I received a text from a friend asking if she should have paid for drinks on her second date and was genuinely surprised that she would even think that she should pay for anything so soon into a courtship. So I told her what my mother taught me about men and money when I first started dating. They... Read More

Evangeline Lilly shaved her head she looks fierce

Women are especially attached to their hair so when you have to shave it, even for something as groovy as a movie role, it's a big deal. But it seems like Evangeline Lilly has been wanting to do this for a while and finally just did it! Which makes one think how much simpler getting ready in the... Read More

5 Reasons to follow Kate Beckinsale on Insta right now.

I don't follow many celebs on Instagram. Most of them haven't quite figured out how to use it in a way that keeps me engaged. But Kate Beckinsale is one to watch and here's why: 1. She's funny AF. She has a wicked sense of humor which makes me think if we ever met her under normal circumstances we... Read More

Ariana Grande super creepy halloween costume

It's the most creative costume I've seen so far and what makes it even better is that it's so unexpected coming from Ariana Grande. The Twilight Zone has been freaking people out since the 60's and Ariana is ready to introduce it to a new generation with her take on the episode called Eye of the... Read More