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Who knew Sean Hayes could dance like that??!

Sean Hayes guest hosted The Ellen Show today and since those are some might big and funny shoes to fill, he decided to open the show in a way no one is likely to forget anytime soon. After he told the audience that he couldn't say where Ellen was for "personal reasons because it's a boob job," this... Read More

Do you wish you could #SaveTheChew?

Just yesterday morning Mother and I were talking about how great the show The Chew is. YESTERDAY MORNING. And now it’s been cancelled. So the network can add an extra hour to a show that I never watch, GMA. Ugh. She didn’t even remember that Daphne Oz was on the show for 6 seasons. I enjoyed her a... Read More

Chelsy's face at the Royal Wedding of her ex-beau was everything.

Imagine being at your ex's wedding and all eyes are, quite literally, on you. Plenty of people do it. Not me, but I hear they do. And it's a testament to the relationship when they do because it means they ended on good terms, remaining friends. It's special to have a friend who's also an ex... Read More

Have you seen the actor who's going to be the new Magnum P.I.?

Here's what's wrong with the new Magnum P.I. reboot. Tom Selleck is devastatingly handsome in that role. And the new guy.....well....not so much. Jay Hernandez, the new Magnum, is attractive. Some would say cute or even sexy, but devastatingly handsome? That's a tall order to fill for a reason. So... Read More