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One more (important) reason to love you some Benedict Cumberbatch!

He's not just a sexy Khan, but a feminist, too. Who knew? In a recent interview Benedict made a strong statement about how his criteria for accepting acting jobs has changed. He's not going to take any job where his female co-star is not paid the same rate. And he wants his fellow actors to follow... Read More

Rob Lowe shares his secret to a great night's sleep

Did you sleep well last night? Or, did you have trouble falling asleep? Or, maybe you fell asleep okay but then you woke up 4am and no matter how hard you tried to get it back, it was game over. Lots of us have trouble falling asleep and even staying asleep, but Rob Lowe has found his secret to... Read More

Zoe Kravitz is all your Catholic regret at The Met.

The Met Gala has just gotten so out of hand over the past several years. Seriously haute couture has taken a backseat to the most outlandish and outrageous in the way of avant garde looks. If you've ever seen Project Runway you know that even though they give the designers an assignment with a... Read More

What did Harvey ask Cate to do?

What do you think he asked her to do? Cate Blanchett was one of those actresses who was very silent when the many stories of sexual harrassment were finally surfacing about Harvey Weinstein. Cate has been in a number of Miramax films including The Talented Mr. Ripley , The Aviator , and An Ideal... Read More