10 Tips to Adopting a Vegan Lifestyle (by Celebrity Example)

Going Vegan for Health and the Environment

July 22, 2019

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The term ‘vegan’ came from Donald Watson in 1944. He founded the ‘Vegan Society’. Moving forward w/ the plant-based diet trend that has increased BIG TIME. In the US alone there has been a 600% increase in the last 3 years of people calling themselves Vegan / living a Vegan lifestyle. There are 3 times as many searches for a vegan diet than there is for vegetarian or gluten free diets.

Living a Vegan Lifestyle is a huge 1THING that helps when it comes to respecting, helping and saving the environment. Although, it’s not a diet to rush into lightly. Do your research. Know enough about how to get started into a vegan lifestyle, and what needs to be done to be successful for you / your health and the environment.

Vegan Lifestyle Things to know:

Vegan Diet: Plant-based ingredients that avoids all animal based products. No consumption of meat, fish, shellfish, dairy, eggs, honey or gelatin.

Reasons for the Vegan Lifestyle:

  • Ethical - Objections to modern farming practices. Animal-Lovers who save around 200 animals a year by going vegan
  • Health - Adult vegans on average are 10-20 lighter then adult meat-eaters. Less likely to develop heart disease, cancer, diabetes & high-blood pressure unlike meat-eaters
  • Environmental - A vegan lifestyle reduces the impact our food systems have on our environment. Lowering the carbon footprint of the production of our food. Stopping deforestation and stopping our natural resources from running out.

If you’ve decided to move into a vegan lifestyle, here are some tips that many do to ensure their success to follow a vegan diet. Many celebrities have taken the lifestyle and are having great success going vegan. Taking it 1THING at a time.

Tips to adopting a Vegan Lifestyle (by Celebrity Example)

  1. State Your Intent Kat Von D (Tattoo artist) said her motivation behind being vegan was it taught her to look past herself- to consider how her choices after the animals and people around me, and the planet we all live on. She considers ‘veganism as consciousness.’
  2. Start Slow Mark Ruffalo (actor) adopted Meatless Mondays and a vegetarian diet, before going full force vegan
  3. Do Your Research Learn the substitutes that will provide you w/ a balanced meal. Peter Dinklage (actor ... Tyrion Lannister in the Game of Thrones) has been a vegan since 2014. Any scenes that require Peter to eat meat, he eats tofu or fake meat. There are substitutes you can find and taste like foods you are trying to avoid. Doing the research takes care of it. 
  4. Try it with a Friend Most things are easier to follow when you have the support of a good friend / loved one/ co-worker / vegan community to hold you accountable. Woody Harrelson (actor) introduced Liam Hemsworth (actor) to a plant-based diet during their time working on ‘Hunger Games’ together. Recently he married Miley Cyrus (performer / actor) and they had a vegan buffet as part of their wedding celebration.
  5. Be Aware of Outside Factors You might not see result that others see. Have a journal to write your personal vegan lifestyle journey as it pertains to you. Serena Williams a vegan and cut out sugar. She didn’t see results until she stopped breastfeeding. She lost 10 pounds in a week, and it kept dropping. She’s on a much healthier journey.
  6. Cook Your Meals at Home You can control what goes in your meals. Especially important when you’re starting a vegan lifestyle. Carrie Underwood (country performer) and her family rarely go out, so they know what is in there food.
  7. Have a Game Plan (when going out) Know a head of time what you can eat, and what you should avoid. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of searching the menu for vegan. Have a smaller meal out & make up for it later at home. Ariana Grande (pop star / performer) sticks to veggies, fruit & salad when going out, and when she gets home she’ll have something else.
  8. Look for Vegan Restaurants Ones that cater to your diet. Natalie Portman (actress) feels more vegetarian and vegan places are opening up. This is helps w/ sticking to the vegan lifestyle.
  9. Realize the Amount of Work It will take time and work to learn what you can eat. Jhene Aiko (singer) said the goal is to totally be completely vegan and using only vegan products, but you’re only human, so it’s a work in progress each day.
  10.  Don’t Get Discouraged A vegan lifestyle is sometimes viewed as negative, and some will make fun of your choices. Ellen Page (actress) doesn’t understand why vegans are made fun of while inhumane factory farming process regards animals and the naturel world merely as commodities that get exploited for profit. Remembering your intent on becoming vegan will help w/ any negativevibes / comments others send your way.

You can be proud that making the choice of 'Going Vegan' and following a 'Vegan Lifestyle' creates a positive impact on your health and the environment Click here for lots more