Moving & Packing Eco -Friendly Tips

You can do 1THING during a move

January 14, 2019

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Moving during 2019! Think about 1THING you can do starting, during and after the move to help Mama Earth. Many expert movers, packers, and professional organizers were asked to share their best moving & packing tips.Here you go..

 The first 10 of 41 Easy Moving & Packing Tips 

  1. Get RID of EVERYTHING you don't use
  2. Sort Things by Categories
  3. Schedule a FREE donation pick up
  4. Set aside Thingies to Sell
  5. Do Your Research on moving companies
  6. Pick the Right Moving Day / schedule wiggle room
  7. Map out the Best Way to get to your new destination / home. Cutting your carbon footprint
  8. Create a Master Moving list
  9. Put Moving tasks on your calendar
  10. Get boxes from the local liquer store

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