5 Eco-Friendly Sustainable Newbie Outdoor Gear Products

Fall / Winter 2019

September 9, 2019

TFILM / GettyImages


Outdoor recreation is becoming more mainstream, especially in the Austin area. Making it even more sustainable will help preserve the wild spaces. Here are five new products for 2019 that make outdoor recreation an even more Eco-Friendly journey. Find out more here!

  1. Patagonia Ascensionist Jacket: Using recycled materials to create technical apparel has its own hurdles. This year, Patagonia will be the first company in the outdoor industry to manufacture all of its shells — 62 jackets total— with 100 percent recycled materials.
  2. Jasper Wool Eco Chukka: A Colaborative design. SOLE created the chukka’s midsole with ReCORK — made entirely from post-consumer recycled wine cork. The insulation uses BisonShield: a breathable, hypoallergenic material made from the hollow-fiber hair of bison and recycled polyester. The shoe’s upper comprises 80 percent merino wool, the outsole is made out of rice, and the insole comes from BLOOM Foam Algae.
  3. Picture Harvest Jacket: Picture Organic Clothing is an eco-based brand that produces gear made from a minimum of 50% recycled or bio-based materials. The Harvest Jacket is bio-based with Pebax Renew that comes from oil derived from castor seeds. 
  4. Jack Wolfskin Big White Jacket: Expanding the Texapore Ecosphere recycled collection - The Big White Jacket features an outer fabric, waterproof membrane, lining, and insulation that are all made from recycled materials. 100 percent PFC-free. In fact, the jacket’s zippers, pull-tabs, and labels are the only components that are not recycled, but they are working on recycled alternatives for these too.
  5. reDEW Frost Jeans: The first jeans to be developed with handmade, renewable fibers. The denim fabric actually comes from sustainably grown wood.

Click here for lots more on these items and more Fashion Fabulous Eco-Friendly Outerwear. Many 1Things that can be worn to enjoy the Great Outdoors, with a Sustainable Conscious!