5 Natural DIY Ideas to Heal Dry Winter Skin

Getting Ready for Spring Skin!

February 25, 2019

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Winter time in ATX / Central Texas is quite confusing. Cold, Warm, Cold, Warm, Cold, Warm ... Hot... Freezing thrown in there. It's been quite a mix. This weather can also have your skin calling out for big time HELP! Cracked, dry, bumpy, with a rash, blotchy ... which are just a few of the many dry skin issues you may have. Here are some Natural DIY ideas you can do to help heal your skin. You can get ready for Sweet Warm Spring ... or Hot Summer. Be sure to have the natural sunscreens ready and waiting ... 

  • Tackle the Dry Skin Inside Out 
    Adjust your diet by adding healthy oils like olive, avocado and flaxseed. They will help your skin to be softer & less itchy. Also helps reduce inflammation. Suppliments help too!
  • Drink More Water 
    Staying away from sodas & coffees which dehydrate you. Might drink a small glass of water with your coffee. Maybe add a cup or 2 more a day using a reusuable cup. Your skin will be thankful! 
  • Take Care of Skin Topically
    Using harsh soaps & body washes can dry your skin out. Use natural soaps you find at farmers markets & health food stores. Coconut and Jojoba oils are good to put on when you get out of the shower. Repeat as needed. 
  • Address Your Environment
    Many times your skin is dry because the air in your home is too. Get real plants. Use your stovetop rather than your oven for cooking. Open your shower door wide after showering. Use a drying rack rather than a clothes dryer. Anything that keeps more moisture in the air in your home, will help w/ the dry skin battle.
  • DIY ideas for Home Humidifiers
    Bowls of Water on Radiators: Sitting a few bowls or glasses of water on top of radiators / or in front of heat registers,  helps the water evaporate into the air.
    MacGyver'dOption: Hanging clothes to dry indoors. Rig up a small hand towel so one end sits in a medium-sized bowl of water. The water will wick up the towel than evaporate into the air. It may look strange to guests. 
    The Cadillac of DIY Humidifiers with the Sponge: Take a few large clean sponges and sit them in a large cookie sheet of pan. Add water, and set a fan on one end of the pan. The air will skim the surface o the sponges & evaporate the water. This should add much needed humidity to the air, which will help w/ your dry skin battle!

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