6 Tips for Frequent Hand Washing Damage Control

Happy and Healthier Hands Saving Lives

May 11, 2020
Helin Loik-Tomson / Getty Images

Helin Loik-Tomson / Getty Images


There's no doubt that social distancing / with suggested face masks, not touching your face and washing your hands frequently are biggies when it comes to preventing the spread of COVID-19 Helping to Save Lives, while keeping yourself healthy. With frequent washing, comes the red, dry, cracked skin hands. 

Here are  6 tips that are friendly for your hands and the environment.

  1. Use real soap not artificial Either in bar form or liquid castille soap. Real soap does not have artificial fragrances, detergents and preservatives in them.
  2. Avoid oil-stripping detergents in liquid soap Many liquid soaps contain detergent rather than soap which are drying because they strip the oils. Using liquid soaps made in the traditional saponification process. Saponified soaps contain extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, & castor oil, pure water, sodium borate & essential oils of lemon myrtle.
  3. Go fragrance free Avoid soaps of parfum and synthetic fragrance that are highly irritating and drying being of alcohol based. Using luscious cream soap paste, a soap and a moisturiser in one is recommended. 
  4. Apply moisturizer Each time after you wash your hands, gently pat them dry, and apply a liberal amount of moisturizer. One without synthetic fragrances, preservatives and petrochemicals. 
  5. DIY hand mask Much like your face doing an exfoliating and nourishing mask to your hands with ingredients you can find at home is helpful. Such as 1/4 cup of sugar and 1/8 cup of olive oil or coconut oil.  Add juice of half a lemon and mix.  Massage the mix all over your hands.  Rinse off in warm water. Apply moisturizer. Also applying moisturizer on your hands and wearing cotton gloves to bed. 
  6. Wear gloves when cleaning When washing dishes and cleaning your home the products used are designed to strip oils and grease, which does the same to your hands. Wearing gloves is a huge help in hand health. 

Keep washing your hands frequently. CDC reminder ... Clean Hands Save Lives! Keep washing and helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19!