ACL Music Festival Cares about Positive Environmental Impact

Big Sustainability Win w/ Austin Parks Foundation

September 23, 2019

ACL Music Festival is happening soon! Two of the biggest weekends in October 4-6 & 11-13, and the year for the city of Austin. Music fans from all over the world come to enjoy their favorite bands / performers' ear candy in Austin's beloved Zilker Park. With thousands of fans in one area, it's important to have a Sustainable Plan for Positive Environmental Impact. Keep Austin Beautiful while still Keeping the Weird Rockin'.  

ACL Fest fans have made it possible for the ACL Music Festival with their partnership with Austin Parks Foundation to generate over $35 million that helps support and preserve many parks, trails and green spaces in ATX .  A percentage of every ticket sold means more programming, volunteers and more improvements to Austin's parks, trails and public spaces. Learn more here!

Austin Music Festival strives for Positive Environmental Impact  for ATX with ways to make it happen:

  • Get Here Green: ACL Fest works with Green Mountain Energy to offset carbon emissions for travel. ACL Fest fans are encouraged to take low-emission routes to and from the festival. Carpool (Uber Pool), bike, walk or take public transportation that is available.
  • Divert It:  ACL Fest's partnership with Austin Parks Foundation on greening programs that encourage recycling and composting at the festival. Educating fans on APF's Recycling in the Parks initiative. Using provided trash, compost and recycling bins, and get rewarded for going above & beyond doing the Rock & Recycle Progam.
  • Support Sustainable Businesses: Fair Trade, being local, being organic are less damaging to the environment. Seek out plant based, organic locally sorced meal options from businesses at the festival who have alternatives to plastics used to serve and consume their food and beverages.
  • Get Involved: Drop by  ACL Cares and the Care Stage during the festival to learn more about how you can get involved. Check out the organizations / schedule you'll find at the CARES Stage here.

ACL Music Festival Lineup