Are You Recycling Wrong?

Plastic Bags Are Not Recyclable

July 29, 2019

Is everything in your recycle bin recyclable?  Are you sure?  20% of the items that we send to the recycling centers in Austin are not recyclable.  That includes soft plastics.  If you send your recyclables to the recycling center in a plastic garbage bag you may be doing more harm than good.  They don't separate your recyclable items from your garbage bag.  They just pull the bag and it's contents out of the recycling stream and bury it all in the landfill.

If you're taking the time and energy to recycle, it's important to know what items can be recycled and what items can't.  Soft plastics, including plastic bags and garbage bags, can not be recycled.  Here's a list of items that can be recycled.  Pizza boxes are not on the list. I've made that mistake plenty of times myself (though you can recycle the tops if they're free of grease).  I appreciate the clarification about what can be sent through the recycling stream.  I'd hate to think that my efforts have been wasted , or worse, doing more harm than good by slowing the process and creating more waste.

I'll be more diligent about removing the soft plastics from the bin.  And taking the tops off the pizza boxes.