ARR Aims to 'Untangle ATX'! Reduce Recycling Contamination

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November 18, 2019

Austin Resource Recovery kicked off their AIM to 'Untangle ATX' (11/15/19 America Recycles Day). Raising awareness about contamination in Austin’s residential recycling stream and why it is a problem. Recent studies have found that the residential recycling contamination was almost at 20%. That means close to 1/5 of everything in Austin's blue recycling carts was either trash or not recyclable at the facility. 

The most troublesome contaminants that are 'Tanglers':

  • plastic bags
  • garden hoses
  • textiles
  • rope
  • flexible and / or stretchy materials
  • clothing
  • Other contaminants that cause problems include  food, Styrofoam and wood

Tanglers threaten recycling facilities because they get intertwined in the gears of the machinery, which stalls operations and cause safety hazards for employees. Employees have to manually remove the items from the gears. By removing Tanglers properly at the residential level, and taking them from Austin's recycling stream. This will reduce contamination and increase productivity at the facilities. Helping  Austin to reach it's ZERO WASTE goal by 2040 (at least by 90 percent)

ARR aims to “Untangle ATX” and reduce recycling contamination! 10% or lower is the goal! Keep the facilities moving! 
Ways you can help #UntangleATX 

  • Search You will see a box in the middle of the page it has a 'What Do I Do With..' search tool. You list what you're trying to recycle, and it tells you where to deposit it properly to be recycled. 
  • 'LIKE' Austin Recycles on Facebook. Learn how to properly dispose of your unwanted items.