Would you just hang out at ABIA if you could?

ABIA wants to welcome visitors even if they aren't flying

June 12, 2019

Ben Sklar / Getty Images

Austin Bergstrom is a pretty good airport as far as airports go. But it's still an airport.  If I'm going to be stuck at an airport, there are worse airports in which to be stuck.  However, I'm not interested in going to ABIA (or any airport) just to hang out.  But that's exactly what Bergstrom officials have in mind.  They want to let people past security just to hang out.

I do understand that some may want to meet friends/family arriving at the gate.  But not me, I'll be waiting in the cell phone lot.  Or better yet, I'll see you when your Uber drops you off at my house.

And while there are some great local Austin spots at ABIA to eat and drink, I'll take the original Taco Deli location over the airport location.  Even if the line is longer and does move slower.