Here's the Average Income Tax Refund This Year

Did you get more or less back?

April 16, 2019

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

At least April 15th isn't hanging over our heads any longer.  Well, not April 15th, 2019, there's always next year.  While I am relieved that my income taxes have been filed, there's always that lingering doubt that I managed to do it wrong.  Again.  It's way too easy to do.  But, it's done and I even get a little money back.  How does it compare to everyone else's refund?

Money claims that the average refund this year is just over $2800.  Uh, that's more than I'm getting back and I'm trying not to interpret that as evidence that I messed up my taxes again.  Only time and the IRS will tell.  I'll be keeping an eye on my mailbox (for the next seven years).