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The 8 Best Cheeseburgers in Paradise

July 23, 2019

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BBQ and Tacos get all of the attention here in Austin but what about the cheeseburger?!  It, along with pizza, round out the four major food groups but doesn't generate nearly as much buzz as the other aforementioned dietary staples.  Maybe it's because I had a light lunch today or maybe it's because I'm always looking for a better one, but when I saw the headline, I just had to click.  

If, like me, you consider yourself a connoisseur of big warm buns and huge hunks of meat...this list is for you.  Some selections on the list are long-time Austin favorites and others are newer entries but all are worth a try.  I don't think culture map Austin would steer us wrong.

I haven't tried all eight yet but I would put Pool Burger at the top of my personal list.  I do look forward to giving the challengers a shot at the title and my belt line.