Car Washing Green Things

#EcoFriendlyCarWash #1THING

July 2, 2018

Happy Summer! Make it a more Eco-Friendly Summer by doing 1THING that helps Mama Earth. There are many who enjoy washing their car in the driveway w/ conventional cleaning products. Come to find out, that is one of the worst places to wash a car. The water/ chemical mix runs right into the storm drains, and end up in large bodies of water. Switching out harsh chemical products for an eco-friendly option is a great 1THING. It should also be paired w/ other ways to wash your ride.

Eco-Friendly Car Washing Tips:

  • Park in the Grass - The water won't run into the storm drain, but in your yard. You won't have to water your grass thanks to the car wash. 
  • Ditch the Hose - Using a hose and buckets waste a lot of water. Try using a spray bottle of water witha sponge to get the dirty spots on your ride. Combine that w/ waterless products! 
  • Make Your Own Window Cleaner - Mix equal parts of distilled vinegar & tap water into a spray bottle. You're ready to clean lots of things besides just your ride.
  • DIY Organic Wax - Get an after washing shine, and take are of spots that are hard to get off. MIx 2 parts olive oil to 1 part lemon juice.  Have an old toothbrush and cloth handy to rub this mixture into your ride. A dry buffing cloth is key for the wax off thing. 
  • Use a Commercial Car Wash - Research if the car wash uses eco-friendly products. Even if they don't, commercial car washes have to send the water used to sewage treatment plants. This is to keep the dirty water out of local waterways.  It gets cleaned before returning to the environment. 

Click here for lots more about these car washing tips. Have a Happy more Eco-Friendly Summer!  It just takes 1THING!