A book that makes it easier to talk to kids about Climate Change

Is This My Home?

February 19, 2019

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Climate Change is a tough subject to talk about with (young) children. To make this conversation easier, Ørsted, a Danish green energy company , teamed up with Wieden+ Kennedy Amsterdam and created a new children's book called "Is This My Home?" This book takes the uncomfortable fear inducing feelings that the topic of Climate Change tends to create, and turns it into a story that finds a way to empower, rather than discourage. 

"Is This My Home?" is a story of a little girl who travels around the world in search of her true home, after realizing that there is a difference between 'house' and 'home.'  Her journey has her encounter animals that show her subtly how important it is to care for the planet that is suffering from higher temperatures, melting ice, water shortages and plastic pollution. The book shows how important it is to be responsible for Planet Earth. It helps parents with age appropriate guidelines on how to communicate with their children. Also, giving examples of actions they can take to 'Love Your Home'

"Is This My Home?" is available in four languages, and can be picked up as a free e-book download or a narrated video. A book that was created to help make it easier to start an important conversation that can lead to ways to help Planet Earth ... Everyone's Home! 

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