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February 15, 2019

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The City of Austin's Goal is to be a  #ZeroWasteCity by 2040! This means reducing the amount of trash sent to landfills by 90 percent. Over 5 years ago, Austin put a ban on single use plastic shopping bags. It's pretty noticeable how much cleaner parking lots, parks and many other places were in the ATX area. The ban helps greatly w/ the #ZeroWasteGoal.  

But .. last July  the City of Austin announced it will no longer enforce the single-use carryout bag ordinance (SUBO) - 'Bag Ban'. The Texas Supreme Court ruled that a similar ordinance in Laredo violated state law. Even though the ban can't be enforced, it doesn't mean encouraging people and businesses to continue to do it will stop. 

This is where the Austin Resource Recovery (ARR) come in with a survey that was designed to learn more about what you think about the ruling, single-use plastic bags and how you feel about retailers that offer reusable bags. What are your habits when it comes to shopping bags? You have until March 8th to take the survey.The results will help ARR  develop a strategy that encourages retailers and their customers to honor the spirit of the ordinance by voluntary use of reusable shopping bags. Find the best way to motivate. Helping out w/ the city of ATX's #ZeroWasteCity goal. An easy 1THING you can do.

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