Eco-Cool Back To School Project

#CrayolaColorCycle #PLANETvsPlastic

August 20, 2018

Back to School! This a perfect project for classrooms K-12. Crayola has a program called ColorCycle where they collect old/ used plastic markers, dry erase markers, highlighters and school supplies along those lines and repurpose / recycle them. Helping to cut down the plastic pollution!  There are 4 easy steps for classroom participation.

4 Easy Steps to an Eco-Cool School:

  1. Engage & Educate
    Inform your school administrators or PTO about participating in the ColorCycle program.
  2. Collect & Count
    Set up a collection station in your school for used markers. Count up all the markers.
  3. Pack & Print
    Pack markers in a cardboard box. Print out a shipping label.
  4. Ship & Smile
    FedEx Ground will pick up the markers ... Crayola pays all shipping charges! Smile - The class is #EcoCool helping Mama Earth against #PlasticPollution

All the details here!   #SpreadtheWord   Great #1THING for Mama Earth!