The Power of Green Healing


September 17, 2018

Dell Children’s Medical Center is a Pediatric Level 1 Trauma Center of Central Texas, and is the only dedicated freestanding pediatric facility in the area, serving 46-counties and beyond. This allows Dell Children's to offer the highest level of care to children / adolescents who are victims of trauma. More here!

Dell Children's Medical Center is also considered a second home to many families, and they care about the entire family's well-being. There are many Environmental Friendly 1THINGS that Dell Children's does that goes hand in hand w/ the healing power of their medical services. A very special place that's been set up for the entire family... the Healing Garden. It's a place where the Power of Green Healing can sooth the soul.  Megan shares with you how Dell Children's Medical Center creates a more inviting and comfortable experience for children and their families while getting the treatments that are needed for a healthier and happier life... 

Support and donations from the community is how Dell Children's Medical Center is able to help every child and their family that walks through the doors. Click here to find out how gifts of all sizes help bring to life the hope of every child's story at Dell Children's Medical Center. Thank you for caring.