Ditch the Balloon Celebrations

Here's why ...

August 10, 2020
Martin Keller Getty images

Balloon celebrations happen all over the world .They are beautiful to watch, and have positive vibes in honor and memory of people and events we hold dear to us. As much as the sentiment behind them is filled with love, once the ballooons land, the message of love is lost. Most of us don't think about  'What goes up, must come down.' It's the 'down' part that does a doozy on our environment. Here's why ditching the balloons is the best option for all on planet earth. 


  • When balloons land they become litter on the land and in the water. Adding to already huge growing problems of plastics / trash pollution. The two most commonly used balloon types are latex and mylar. Latex balloons biodegradable nature make them a safer option, but decomposition takes from 6 months to 4 years, giving them lots of time to cause harm. Although a better poor option than Mylar balloons made of synthetic nylon with a metallic coating. The best option ... ditch the balloon celebrations. 


  • Both animals on land and in the sea many times mistake deflated balloons as food. Sea turtles are especially vulnerable since they confuse balloons for their jellyfish prey. When they digest a balloon  it can cause blockages in their stomach or intestines that lead to starvation. The strings and ribbons can be dangerous for birds, turtles, seals and dolphins. They get entangled which restricts their movement and ability to feed which can cause infections, amputations, starvation, drowning and even death.  The best option ... ditch the balloon celebrations. 


  • Helium can't be manufactured, and once it's released into the atmosphere, it quickly escapes into space. Helium is important because of it's use in MRI scanners, fiber optics, welding, cooling nuclear reactors, cryogenics, lasers, LCDs, rare document preservation and breathing ventilators for infants. Making sure Helium is affordable for the use of these products is much more important. The best option ... ditch the balloon celebrations.

Eco-Friendly celebration options in place of a balloon release is to light candles, plant trees, or spread wildflower seed bombs. If releasing into the air is a must, use flying wish papers that create very little ash and give you the same effect of a balloon release without harming the environment. Ditch the Balloon Celebrations.