Turn Your Old T-Shirts into Something Cool & Useful

Let the T-Shirt Hacks Begin!

March 4, 2019

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Cleaning out closets & drawers time! Rather than tossing old clothing you don't wear, and it's not in good condition to donate. Repurpose! Especially fun to do with Old T-shirts turning them into some really cool & useful. Here are some suggestions of 1THINGS you can do that can be Fun creating them too! 

  1. T-shirt dress toddler dresses from infant t-shirts
  2. T-shirt Quilt especially cool with a theme like concert or sport shirts
  3. T-shirt Bag perfect at the pool, lake, beach ...  
  4. Crochet a T-shirt Rug the t-shirt material would make for a nice useful rug
  5. Tie-Dye T-shirt Hairbands funky, braided brands you can have fun making & wearing
  6. T-shirt Pom Poms Go Team!
  7. Baby Romper extending the life & use of well used baby t-shirts
  8. Workout T-shirt turns a sleeved t-shirt into a tank and you're ready to rock the exercises
  9. T-shirt Wreath holiday fun for your front door or a wall 
  10. Braided T-shirt Bracelets go well w/ your braided t-shirt hairbands
  11. T-shirt Rope Dog Toy your furbaby will love you for it
  12. Accent / Raglan T-shirt creating new life and look w/ your old tired t-shirt
  13. Apron T-shirt is cute and works great when cooking and baking, and it washes well
  14. Shaggy T-shirt Rug can be a perfect floor accent piece,  that's cute and comfy
  15. Swing Dress works perfect for your little ones who are outgrowing their even smaller t-shirts
  16. T-shirt Yarn Baskets are perfect to decorate a room and put things in
  17. New Stuffed T-shirt Toy turns the old into fun playful new
  18. T-shirt Shoe Laces fun & functional
  19. T-shirt Pillows can also help with saving green w/ pillows used for decorating.  
  20. T-shirt Necklace / Scarf is a nice accent with a casual outfit / new t-shirt ...dressing it up a bit
  21. T-shirt Skirt is cute & comfy to wear
  22. T-shirt Shorts are great for lounging and working out. All purpose comfort

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Here's a bonus t-shirt hack for your cat / furbaby ... DIY Easy Cat Box created in less than 2 minutes!