Drive Clean Texas’ -Try These Things for Cleaner Air!

#DriveCleanAustin #1THING #LifeSaver

June 11, 2018

TxDot kicked off their #DriveCleanTexas initiative . Here are some tips to do during the summer months and through out the year to help w/ Texas air quality. It's a BIG WIN having CLEANER AIR to breath, which is something WE ALL NEED!  A LIFE SAVING 1THING!  

Drive Clean Texas asks drivers to help protect the state’s air quality by following a few simple tips:

  • Keep vehicles well-maintained and inflate tires to recommended air pressure levels
  • Properly fuel vehicles by tightly sealing the gas cap
  • Stop at the click when fueling your vehicle. Overfilling the tank releases harmful fumes into the air
  •  Drive smart by obeying speed limits
  •  Avoid idling the vehicle for extended periods of time
  •  Avoid aggressive driving with rapid starts and stops

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