Eco-friendly Fall date ideas

Keeping it sustainable real

November 9, 2020
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Happy Fall of 2020 y'all! Looking for ways to bring more positive vibes during our day-to-day lives can be challenging, especially this year. Although sticking with the positives can help make life that much happier, especially when it comes to spending time with your honey / someone special. Adding to the love sustainable changes when it comes to the date can make life happier for all. Here are some ideas how you can do that while sticking with COVID-precautions.  Being Thankful for those closest to us during this time, and the environment in which we all live. 

7 Eco-friendly Fall Date ideas:

  1. Go on a zero-waste picnic. Have food in reusabe containers with utensils that can be washed. Get locally grown organic food options. Find a favorite spot. Enjoy!
  2. Cook a meal together at home.  Make a dish that is each other's favorite. This can be more fun than getting takeout / delivery. Good bonding time too. 
  3. Go for a bike ride together.  Great way to get around town. Exercise. Explore. Enjoy the adventure of the ride. 
  4. Visit a local farmer's market.  A fun way to support local.  Many times there are other activitives going on you can enjoy together.  Perfect food setup for the picnic. 
  5. Walk / bike to your favorite restaurant.  Eat outside while trying something new. Maybe a vegetarian / veggan choice for something new and different. 
  6. Take a walk around where you live. Explore and experience what's around you that you may miss riding in a car and even biking. 
  7. Pick an outdoor sport you can enjoy together. Trying something new to both of you can become a great experience of learning together. Creating a stronger bond.

All of these eco-friendly date ideas can be done with COVID-precautions in mind.  Thanksgiving is coming soon, and group gatherings aren't really the way to go this year.  Spending some quality time with your honey / someone special doing these activitives will help keep y'all staying safer and happier, while also caring for the environment. A big 1Thing Win for all!