Happy Earth Day with the Festival Beach Food Forest

Team Entercom Austin's 1Day 1Thing

April 8, 2019

Entercom Austin 1Day 1Thing on Earth Day 4/22/19


On Earth Day, Monday April 22nd, Entercom volunteers across the country will join together for local environmental service projects that will make a positive impact on our communities and our planet – projects will range from tree planting, to park /waterway clean ups to recycling projects and habitat restoration. Team Entercom Austin / Majic 95.5 has teamed up with the Festival Beach Food Forest this year!! 

Festival Beach Food Forest is located at 25 1/2 Waller Street in ATX! It's vision came from conversations about the future of 90 acres of parkland on the northern shores of Lady Bird Lake. East Feast conducted reach out workshops to the community to find out about the feelings of having a 'food forest' in ATX. You may be thinking, "What is a 'food forest'?". The short explanation ... Imagine walking through the park and looking up at a canopy of fruit and nut trees. Around and below you, there are shrubs and many other types of plants, bearing fruits, vegetables and herbs free for the taking. These are the basics of a food forest.

Festival Beach Food Forest is ATX's first publicy owned food forest. It helps protect and enhance the natural beauty and overall ecological health of the parkland. Giving it's community neighbors and visitors the experience of enjoying the fresh fruit and vegetables. Food forests can produce high yields of food supported w/ the idea and actions that people design with nature, to let nature work on her own. Click here to find out so much more about Festival Beach Food Forest as well as it's differences with the Festival Beach Community Garden

Team Entercom Austin / Majic 95.5 will celebrate Earth Day doing 1Thing that helps the Austin community. Click here to find many ways you can help the Festival Beach Food Forest with the continued goal of growing edible forest gardens on public lands to nourish, educate, and inspire throughout the year.  It's 1Thing you can do to make any & everyday Earth Day in ATX!