Fashion Fabulous Upcycling Alertnative for a Christmas Tree

Mannequin Tree Gowns - the Alternative Tree Stars

December 16, 2019
Star Tree

The Domain Tree Star 2018 - Photo taken by Heather R.


A big part of the Christmas tradition is the Tree. There's the tradition of putting up a star or angel on top of the decorated tree as the finishing touch. Tradition is wonderful for many. For others, they are moving away from the standard tradition.They're creating a new one that represents the spirit of the holidays while helping to preserve the environment in which we all celebrate.There are many alternative ways to create the Christmas tree tradition without the standard tree, keeping space in mind and Mama Earth. 

The past few years, upcycling has become bigger and bigger keeping in mind all the trash that ends up in our landfills.  Too much waste and not enough room for it. If we all do 1Thing to help cut down on the waste, it will make for a better spirit all year round for the environment. With that in mind, a fashion Upcycling alternative for Christmas is becoming more and more popular ... The Mannequin Tree Gown. It's amazing what a bit of creative imagination can turn into Fabulous Holiday Cheer. Inspiration from Diply People Are Upcycling Mannequins Into Gorgeous Christmas Tree 'Gowns' 

Here's a recent DIY Tree Gown project that Nicole shared on Facebook with the help from neighbors clippings and other finds creating a new fabulous more eco-friendly tradition for the holidays.

Have a Happy Holiday celebrating the way it makes you Happy, while wrapping it in an eco-friendly bow hug keeping Mama Earth Happy!