Wanna Put Some Free Yoga in Your Yoga Pants?

Some flexible and free, or donation based, Yoga classes in Austin

March 15, 2019

ID 97687455 © Milkos | Dreamstime.com


You've been wearring yoga pants whenever and wherever possible and may have even pushed the boundaries of when it's appropriate, but have you ever considerd wearing yoga pants to a yoga class?

If you've ever wanted to try yoga but were afraid of the expense and commitment of a yoga class, Katrina Cervantes and the Austinot have come up with some options for free or donation based yoga classes all around Austin.  There are classes every day of the week so you'll be able to squeeze a class or two into your busy schedule.

So, if you've ever wanted to try a yoga class, now is the time.  You've already got the pants for it.