Green Home Supplies Movement is On!

Choose Tree-Free & Toxic-Free Home Goods

November 14, 2018

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The Green Home Supplies Movement is growing as more and more companies concentrate on creating products & supplies used around the home that are eco-friendly, healthier & safer for families. Such as Emerald Brand who promises ... 'No Trees were harmed in the making of their toilet paper.' They make eco-friendly disposables & cleaning supplies. Emerald Brand's tree-free disposable products include toilet paper, tissues and napkins. As well as 100 percent tree-free disposable plates.

Instead of using virgin wood fiber / or recycled paper, Bagasse is used - a leftover residue from sugar cane juicing. By using Bagasse it stops agricultural waste and air pollution that is caused by the gases created when it's burned as waste. It also takes less energy & fewer chemicals to produce Bagasse products than tree-based paper products. This also makes Emerald Brand products less expensive as paper-based products, which makes it more affordable for customers. Find out more about Emerald Brand here.

Emerald brand isn't the only company that's part of the growing Green Home Supplies Movement!

True Green Enterprises  make a wide range of tree-free compostable recycled paper products. They have also created a new bamboo straw to tackle the massive plastic straw problem.

Seventh Generation make environmentally friendly cleaning products, paper products and trash bags. They list all ingredients in their products to help consumers choose toxic-free home goods. Seventh Generation helped pass the Cleaning Product Right to Know Act in California. It requires ingredient disclosures on all cleaning product packaging by 2020. This helps consumers make a better conscious decision on what to use at home and work. 

Companies, such as these, make it easier to do 1THING each day to help Mama Earth. Look out for them during your next time shopping for home goodies. More here