Dramatically improve your life with this one simple change

Don't take your phone to bed with you.

May 29, 2019

For years we've been told why we shouldn't have a TV in the bedroom, unfortunately we've merely traded the large screen of our televisions for the small screen of our phones.

If you and/or your kids aren't getting as much sleep as you should, (and who is?) research suggests that your phone may be to blame.  Scrolling mindlessly through social media for hours on end while lying in bed when we should be sleeping is not only detrimental to our sleep, but it's also negatively impacting other aspects of our lives like obesity, productivity and mood.

Want to improve your quality of life? Want more/better sleep?  More/better sex?

Making your bedroom a Phone Free Zone will dramatically reduce your screen time leaving you more time for more fulfilling "endeavors."  Like the television before, the phone has become a bedroom distraction.  Maybe it's time to banish it too.