Will Aquaman have a clean shave in the next film?

Jason Momoa's beard will return with Aquaman 2

May 9, 2019

Chris Hyde / Stringer


In April Jason Momoa shaved his iconic super beard for the first time in seven years in an effort to raise awareness for recycling efforts.  To say that it worked is an understatement.  It's rare for a clean shave to generate so much interest.  It's also rare that a beard is as epic, as iconic as Jason Momoa's.

I don't think that Jason Momoa's beard is the sole source of his super power, but it does play a part.  Or maybe not.  He's just as sexy without it.  Even though he doesn't need it, he is bringing it back.  if not for his own sake, for that of Aquaman. 

He tells Ellen that when Aquaman returns for the sequel so will Aquaman's beard. Maybe it's the source of Aquaman's super powers.