10 Tips to help Keep Earth Beautiful while Celebrating the 4th of July

July 1st - July 7th #Beautiful4th

July 1, 2019

jokerpro / GettyImages


Keep America Beautiful®  encourages all of us to show our patriotism by keeping the parks,  beaches and commmunity gathering places we're celebrating w/ family & friends celan, green & beautiful. The #Beautiful4th campaign kicked off today, July 1st - 7th! Celebrate America with the good of the environment in mind. 

10 Ways to Honor our Home of the Brave & Land of the Free by Protecting &  Preserving America's Beautiful Places

  1. Leave nothing behind. Don't leave litter & waste in our parks, beaches & community places we all share. Dispose of it properly.
  2. Continue the party the next day. Plan Pick up Parties the day or 2 afterwards. Get the community involved to Keep American Beautiful.
  3. Reduce. Cut down on waste using reusable dishes, silverware, tablecloths...
  4. Reuse. Use decorations you already have instead of buying new. Items at home can also be upcycled into something new to use!
  5. Recycle Recycle party waste like aluminum, glass, and plastic bottles. Drop off plastic bags in places that take them to dispose of them properly. Have a reusable bag for your things! 
  6. Get outside.  A recent study shows spending 20 minutes in a park / outside is enough to improve your well-being. During the 4th of July holiday get in some valuable outdoor time.
  7. Get moving. Give Plogging a try.  A combo of jogging w/ intermittent squatting to pick up litter. Exercising while cleaning up ! Win Win all around!  
  8. Release the fish. Keep the trash.  Keep America Beautiful & Fishbrain,  popular mobile app & social network for people who love fishing. Using #trashoftheday & Fishbrain's geolocation features encourages the removal of littered items you encounter during fishing.  
  9. Stay in the know. Keep America Beautiful is always updating their Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages. Check out the photos & stories. Be inspired to take action! Encourage others too. 
  10. Give back. Donate to Keep America Beautiful help the environmental, economic, and social impact on communities nationwide.

Have a Happy Green #Beautiful4th Holiday!