Could the K-Cup do for Cocktails what it did for Coffee?

This may be a much better way to mix drinks at home

March 20, 2019

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Cocktail bars are fun!  Garage, The Roosevelt Room and Small Victory are some downtown Austin favorites, but at 14 dollars a drink it can get pricey.  One solution to limiting Midnight Cowboy's impact on your ability to make rent might be mixing your own at home.

But at-home cocktails require dozens of bottles in order to offer a wide variety.  Now, Keurig and Budweiser may have the answer!  They want to do for your home bar what they've done for your cofffee obsession.  Make it fast and convenient.

It may not be the same experience as a Manhattan at Peche, but it'll be easy.  And we do like easy.  Plus, you won't have to continually circle the block at home to find a parking space.