How many professors have an Oscar?

August 28, 2019

Donald Miralle / Getty Images


I had some pretty great college professors but none of them were as great as Matthew McConaughey.  He's already UT's Minister of Culture (whatever that is) but now he's officially added UT professor to his resume.  Matt has just joined The University of Texas' RTF department as a "professor of practice."  Is that another made-up title!?  I can only imagine how quickly his classes will fill.

Not only is he Matthew Freaking McConaughey, but he's also the most qualified professor on campus now.  Anyone else over there have an Oscar?  Star or appear in more than 50 feature films?

Maybe his classes should be mandatory for all UT professors, I can't imagine that anyone on campus knows more about the F in RTF than Matthew McConaughey.  I'm not a student and don't really have any real business being on campus so I can't sign up for Professor McConaughey's class. 

But it'd be a lot cooler if I could.