A Paris Zoo Exhibit is featuring 'le blob'

Meet The Blob

October 28, 2019

Holcy / GettyImages


Physarum polycephalum is the star of a new exhibit at the Paris Zoological Park.  It’s been dubbed ‘The Blob’ after the 1958 horror sci-fi film. Its’ simple name is ‘Simple Mold’, but it’s so much more. The way it reacts, interacts and functions in the environment in which is lives  baffles many scientists. It enjoys being on the moist forest floor, but it’s not an animal, plant or fungus ... it’s a gelatinous amoeba. It’s name means 'many-headed slime', even though it doesn’t have a brain. Although it’s able to learn, and if two Blobs merge the one that has learned will transmit that knowledge to the other Blog.

‘ le blob' has qualities that makes it Weird, and Superhero like at the same time:

  • It has no mouth, stomach or eyes, but finds & digests food
  • It has around 720 sexes
  • It moves w/ out legs or wings
  • It heals itself in two minutes if cut in half
  • treehugger

You could experience the Love Paris extends to ‘le blob’ since ATX will be added to the non-stop Paris route starting May 2020.  Meet The Blob / le blob ... 

Can you feel the next 'The Blob' remake brewing? Doing #1Thing doesn't hurt in keeping things like a 'le blob' Happy in their environment. Keeps us Happy & Healthy too!