Plastic Bag Ban is Over in ATX! What will you do?

#1THING #PlanetoverPlastic

July 5, 2018

A couple weeks ago the Texas Supreme Court ruled that cities cannot ban the single-use bags. The justices felt hat the law is clear, and local ordinances cannot trump it. This  has caused the city of Austin to not enforce the Plastic Bag Ban that has been enforced for the past 5 years. Now businesses have the option, whether they will continue to support the Reusable Bag efforts, or bring back the plastic bags.  The past 5 years it's rare to see plastic bags blowing around parking lots and getting stuck in trees. Wonder how long it will take for that to change? (KXAN)

Officials in Austin feel that most folks will continue to bring and use their reusuable bags. It's making a positive impact in ATX.  Only time will tell if that happens.  This would be a great 1THING to continue to use reusable bags. This would definitely help ATX and Mama Earth! Keep Reusing Bags ATX!  Keep Austin Beautiful! 

What will you do?