Safe & Sustainable Pet Products for Holiday Presents

Important Reminder about Plastic, Pets & Presents!

December 9, 2019
Important Reminder about Plastic, Pets and Presents

Important Reminder about Plastic, Pets & Presents


Pet Parents thinking about Holiday Presents for Pets, whether a puppy, or has been part of your family . .. Think Safe & Sustainable! A win for your Pets & Planet Earth!  Rudy's a Mama Earth Fan, which means he's not a fan of Plastic. Plastic is a big waste in pet toys & supplies that hurt Planet Earth. Plastic causes major pollution and creates big problems for our oceans, wildlife and drinking water. It's also harmful to health, and this includes our pets' health too. 

Important Reminder: Plastic Is Bad for Pets and Planet Earth. Many pet toys contain BPA -  bisphenol A, a chemical used to produce plastic. Studies have shown BPA can affect reproductive systems lab animals suggesting the disruption of hormones. Not to mention testing being done on lab animals. Bad all around! Other chemicals are also found that aren't good for anyone's health. Plus plastic doesn't breakdown. 

Pet Parent 1Things to do getting Pet Presents that are Safe & Sustainable

  • Raise a Plastic- Free Puppy / Furbaby  Have toys made out of natural materials like cotton, rope, natural rubber, canvas, wood, wool, or bamboo. Make toys out of t-shirts, socks, towels and upcycled items. Cardboard boxes make fun playtime too. 
  • Purchase a Durable Product  Be sure the toys don't have small parts that can be chewed or swalled. Squeak Toys are the worst! Easy to swallow & cause obstruction. A durable sustainable toy will last longer
  • Inspect Treat Labels  Choose natural chew. Often they don't even need packageing. True for bulk treats too. Healthy ingredients. Bring your reusuable bag to the furbaby store to carry lots of healthy yummies for the holidays for the health of your Pets & Planet Earth
  • Grooming Products for Presents Reduce plastic where possible. Shampoo bars are popular. Look for brands that are cruelty free and do not contain parabens, phthalates, or sulfates.Choose brushes with natural bristles and wooden handles.
  • Educate Other Pet Parents about Sustainable Pet Products Cool idea creating a wish list of safe and sustainable items for your furbaby.  Give these type of  products to friends and family for their Pets for Presents, and let them know why you Love them! 

Have a Happy, Safe & Sustainable Holiday Season with your Pets. Making it a Healthy & Happy one for all including Planet Earth!