A Must Watch / Re-Watch: Shanghai's Stunning New Year's Eve Drone Show

Over 2000 Drones Light Up the Sky for 2020!

January 6, 2020
Elizabeth M. Ruggiero GettyImages

Elizabeth M. Ruggiero GettyImages


On New Year's Eve, over 2,000 drones lit up the Shanghai Sky over the Huangpu River. A perfect way to celebrate especially for a city that has a huge population with big time pollution problems. Or areas with wildfires like Australia, the Amazon Rainforest, and many other places all over the world destroying eco-systems. This cutting edge production w/ drones is an Amazing way to celebrate the ringing in of a New Year! In this case over 2,000 drones, fitted w/ multi-colored lights that were controlled by a central computer, were programmed to fly around and create beautiful images in the sky. Ringing in 2020 like a Boss ... a much Greener Boss! 

Photos and more here!