Southern Living Names the Best BBQ in Austin

Not Everyone Agrees

March 27, 2019

© Liz Biro/IndyStar | 2019 Mar 19

It's no secret that Austin has the best BBQ in the whole world.  It's seemingly the only thing that we're willing to wait for in line, and that one line is a LONG one (grab a camp chair and a cold one and it's not that bad) and still it's well worth the wait. 

There are a lot of Central Texas BBQ joints that didn't make the Southern Living list, I guess they didn't want to offend The South by loading the list with all of the usual Austin area best BBQ suspects.  They only gave us two spots on their Best BBQ list.  

Few will argue with one of the Austin choices.  The other selection has sparked a virtual BBQ food fight online.  See the list below.