Be Summertime Fabulous with Eco-Fashionable Sunglasses

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July 6, 2018

Gone are the days of drab sustainable eco-fashions. Today, Sustainable Fashion is Chic, Forward Thinking and setting the trends w/ brands that are creating a new kind of Eco-Fashion Fabulous in clothing and accesorries.Here are brands that are Rockin' Eco-Style Sunglasses for Summer 2018!

Finlay & Co: British eyewear brand who makes stylish, high-quality sustainable sunglasses using finest quality wood that you can get engraved with your name or initials.

Warby Parker: A brand that creates fashion-forward, eco - friendly sunglasses that aren't made like them all, and not-so-expensive prices. Also the first to offer 'home try-on' in the glasses industry.  They send 5 selecdtions, and you pick out the ones you feel great in. 

Eco by Modo: A New York - based brand, Modo has an ECO collection of recycled and bio-based sunglasses. The frames are 95% recycled content & 63% bio-based materials /USDA certified. The even plant a tree to reduce its environmental impact for every frame sold. The word is more than 1.4 million trees ... 

Dick Moby: Out of Amsterdam, Dick Moby sunglasses are made from bio-plastic acetate being eco-friendly & high quality w/ Zeiss lenses. Besides using sustainable materials, 10% of their revenues go to prevent plastic pollution. Earth-Friendly Shick!!!

Proof: Handcrafted sunglasses made from plant - based acetate and the finest woods (sustainably harvested). Each pair of their glasses are made from materials taken from sustainable sourcs, which means the wood comes from managed forests where the trees are replanted and bamboo is cut a way so it will continue to grow.

A Fashion Fabulous 1THING stylin' w/ the hottest Eco-Fashionable Sunglasses for the Summer of 2018! 
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