A Taco Bell Themed Resort is Opening in Palm Springs

Reservations Open Next Month

May 17, 2019

Getty Images North America

While I do occasionally get a craving and will make a "run for the border" for a fourth meal, I'm hardly a Taco Bell fanatic or even a frequent flyer.  However, I'll admit that I am curious about Taco Bell's planned Palm Springs Hotel opening this summer.  The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel and Resort will be a "destination inspired by tacos and fueled by fans," according to a Taco Bell press release.  

Some of the amenities at The Bell will include a gift shop with exclusive apparel, an on-site salon offering taco inspired cuts and nail art and an exclusive-to-the-resort menu.

I am intrigued.  And also reminded of the Hooter's Hotel and Casino.