Top Trending Nature Loving Baby Names of 2018

Millennial Love Rises for Mama Nature

December 3, 2018

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What's in a name?  Well, Sophia, Olivia & Emma are still 'Populars' for #BabyGirlNames. While Jackson, Liam and Noah are 'Favs' #BabyBoyNames. Although they need to WATCH OUT! Mama Nature inspired names are climbing ... to the point where the term 'Trending' is being used! 

Nature / Natural names like Rose, Iris & Lily for girls, and Forrest & Woody for boys aren't strangers for top nature inspired names. Hazel, Violet & Willow are on the rise too. The big uptick in baby names are the breakouts from the traditional plant & tree names .Although, Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin still seem to have the cutting edge on 'Apple'. Who is 14 ...can you believe that ? ... Apple is a beauty too. 

Back to the breakouts ...  According to the Baby Center, the nature / natural name trends are less traditional ... more creative in 2018. 'Tangerine' & 'Kumquat' haven't gotten recognized as a 'Nature Lovin' Baby Name', but 'Kale' is on the rise as a NLNG - 'Nature Lovin' Name Trender' with Millennials. If you haven't run across these names yet, you probably will soon ... 

Nature Lovin' Girl Names:

  • Aurora 
  • Clementine 
  • Dawn
  • Kale (2nd largest NLNT up 35%)
  • Kiwi (The largest NLNT up 40%)
  • Magnolia 
  • Maple
  • Rainbow
  • Rosemary
  • Saffron

Nature Lovin' Boy Names:

  • Sage
  • Ocean (3rd largest NLNT up 31%)
  • Fern (The largest NLNT up 55%)
  • Sky (2nd largest NLNT up 38%)
  • Ash
  • Jay
  • Orion
  • River 

Here's a couple of NLNT honorable mentions that have been big time trending, although the inspiration wasn't much about nature.... 

Stormi - Kylie Jenner's daughter's name

Bunny - Thanks to Fortnite.. yes the game. 

Stormi & Bunny may not technically be Nature inspired, but they are Nature made, so let's count those too as 'Nature Lovin' Baby Names'. If a kiddo asked ...'Where did the inspiration for my name 'Bunny' come from?"  It would be better to say ... 'A cute cottontail bunny running in a field of flowers.' Rather than ... "Virtual adults wearing Bunny onesies.'  It would be better right???  More here