What is a Unicorn Dessert?

The Most Insta-worty food ever.

March 22, 2019
Unicorn Dessert

© Gregg Pachkowski/gre


We do love to take pictures of our food!  Heck, I took a picture of a doughnut just this morning.  It was a particularly photogenic "Homer Simpson," but even a doughnut with pink icing and sprinkles doesn't come close to the Insta-worthy-ness of a Unicorn Dessert.

What is a Unicorn Dessert?  Apparently, it's some sort of (probably) edible dessert item that's been prepared, not for consumption, but to generate likes for you social media accounts.  The bigger and more colorful, the better.  Some of these things are fairly complex, cumbersome and I'm confident that you'd never be able to suck it through the straw.  

But that's OK.  That's not the point.  These days food ins't food.  It's just a prop in our online stories.  With or without the mythical horn.