SFC's 9 Tips to Reduce Food Waste

Help Stop Hunger #ZeroHunger

October 29, 2018

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October 16th was World Food day, and kicked off a worldwide initiative to help Stop Hunger by 2030 ... #ZeroHunger. 821 million people in the world suffer from hunger. More than 1/2 of the food produced is wasted and spoiled. In the U.S., we toss up to 40% of the food we buy.  We can help Stop Hunger by Stop Wasting Food! Nobody anywhere should have to starve.

The Sustainable Food Center in Austin shared a list of 9 tips to reduce your food waste, which will help others get the food they need to survive.

9 Ways to Reduce Food Waste 

  1. Shop Smart & Realistically Plan out your meals a head of time. Stick to your shopping list. Check out Farmer's markets for local produce and other foods. 
  2. Don't over-serve your guests Serve friends and family on smaller plates, which makes it harder to over-do-it!
  3. Store Fruits & Veggies in the proper place so they will last longer.  Click here
  4. Avoid clutter in your fridge, freezer and pantry. Do a first in, first out policy in your kitchen when it comes to making meals.
  5. Keep track of food you are throwing away. Start a waste log to see how much is tossed, and stop buying it if you are only tossing it.
  6. Donate to food banks, shelters and / or local churches. Give to those in need before you toss food. 
  7. Canning and pickling is a great way to preserve food and give it a longer shelf life.
  8. Composting is a great way to put the food your tossing into great use.  the city of Austin offers free classes on how to start. There are drop sites from Austin's Compost Coalition. Map here
  9. Save and eat leftovers

Make each day a  Food Saving Day! A Day to Save another person from Hunger! Click here for more