The World's Tallest Closet Shows off a Lifetime of Clothing

Showing the Problem Makes a Much Bigger Impact

January 11, 2019

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It's true. Showing a problem rather than just talking about it, does make a much bigger impact when it can touch your emotions.That's exactly what social impact designer Laura Francois and visual engineer/photographer Benjamin Von Wong did to communicate the scale of the World's Fashion consumption problem. They took five- 20 hour days to create the World'sTallest'Closet. #TallestCloset

World's Tallest Closet displays a lifetime of clothing worn:

  • Currently on display at the Mall of Arabia in Cairo, Egypt
  • A 3 story art installation made from recycled steel, aluminium, wood and wire. 
  • Greenpeace says the average person buys 60% more items of clothing and keeps them for about half as long as 15 years ago. North Americans are the largest fashion consumers

The entire spectacle of the World's Tallest Closet shows how wasteful we can be. But it does have something redeeming attached to it. Teaming up w / Refuge Eygpt taking clothing donations to give to refugees in need. Another play on our emotions in a good way. Keeping clothing from being a waste, but something that is truly needed by others. 

The World's Tallest Closet's message:
Von  Wong ..."We buy more than we need, and we can be more generous with what we have. If we can get one person to buy less ... then there’s one less item going into their closet.”

Things to think about when cleaning out your closet. "Can I still use it?... Do I need to get something else to replace it? ...Can I donate to help others? " Feel good about helping others and Mama Earth at the same time! Big 1THING WIN all around!