Amy Sussman / Staff/ Getty Images

This week, a jury ruled that KATY PERRY's song "Dark Horse" ripped off a Christian rap song called "Joyful Noise". Now, we know how much she has to cough up in damages.

August 2, 2019

Katy, producer Dr. Luke, her label Capitol Records, and several others are on the hook for a combined $2.78 million in damages.  The bulk of the money, $1.2 million, will come from Capitol, and Katy personally owes $550,000.  

The money will go to "Joyful Noise" songwriter Marcus Gray and his co-plaintiffs.  The jury said his song was responsible for 22.5% of the "Dark Horse" profits, although it's unclear how they settled on that exact percentage.

But Katy's lawyers have filed a motion for the judge to, quote, "rule that no reasonable jury could find copyright infringement based on the evidence presented at trial."  And if that's successful, the damages COULD be tossed out.

And even if the judge upholds the verdict, Katy's team can appeal.