The son of the man who created "Gilligan's Island" says he's close to getting a movie version off the ground . .

October 7, 2019

Lloyd Schwartz is the son of the late Sherwood Schwartz . . . the legendary creator of "Gilligan's Island".  And he says he's, quote, "very close" to getting a movie reboot off the ground.  He predicts it'll happen within the next five years.

And he's got ideas.  Quote, "I would like to see a large movie.  I want shipwrecks and volcanoes and things!"

He also has some casting in mind.  He'd like to see Steve Martin as Mr. Howell . . . Beyoncé as Ginger . . . Jeff Bridges as the Skipper . . . and Kevin Hart as Gilligan.

He says, quote, "He's little so the Skipper can call him 'Little Buddy.'  And he just has that every-man kind of attitude."