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Want to Save Money on Groceries?

If you want to save on groceries, try going to the store more often. When we only make a few big trips to the store a month, we tend to waste a lot of the food we buy because it goes bad before we can eat it. So making a few mini trips each week is more cost-effective. TOP 3 Want to Save Money on... Read More

The Worst Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation Topic Isn't Polit

Here's the full list of topics that are likely to cause Thanksgiving fights . . . 1. Long-standing family tensions, 46%. 2. General politics, 37%. 3. The 2020 presidential race, 33%. 4. Someone's future plans, 24%. 5. Money, 24%. 6. The behavior of the guests, 22%. 7. Drinking or alcohol, 21%. 8... Read More

Some People Just Received Text Messages That Were Sent on Va

Apparently, there was a bug that affected text messaging all over the country so some messages that were sent back in February just finally went out on Wednesday. February 14th, specifically. That's right: A bunch of people didn't get the text messages that were sent to them on VALENTINE'S DAY... Read More

James Dean Has Been Cast in a Vietnam War Action-Drama . . .

JAMES DEAN has been dead for more than 60 years, but that hasn't stopped him from being cast in a new Vietnam War movie called "Finding Jack". He will appear via "full body CGI" and archival footage. Another actor will provide his voice. Pre-production starts later this month, and they're aiming... Read More

Nine Steps to Celebrating Christmas Just Like Mariah Carey!

Mariah sat down with "Cosmo" and shared her NINE-STEP blueprint for celebrating Christmas EXACTLY like she does. Here it is: 1. Get in the "zen Christmas zone." She said, quote, "I will only allow a harmonious day . . . you have to comply or you can get out. That's how you avoid the arguments. You’... Read More

You Need to Avoid the Water on Airplanes . . .

Here's something to make air travel even MORE unpleasant for you than it already is.A new study found you really shouldn't go anywhere near the WATER on planes. The researchers found that only three of the 11 major airlines in this country have water onboard their planes that's safe to drink:... Read More

Four Ways Daylight Saving Time Affects Your Health

Here are four ways the whole Daylight Saving system messes with our health . . . 1. It screws with our sleep patterns. Even gaining an hour can mess with your routine. But it's definitely worse in the spring when we lose an hour. One study found some people NEVER really adjust all year. And the... Read More

It's the 40th anniversary of the Happy Meal

The McDonald's Happy Meal turns 40 this year and they're celebrating by . . . figuring out a way to make adults rush out and buy them. In honor of the anniversary, McDonald's is bringing back RETRO TOYS in their Happy Meals . . . but only from next Thursday through next Sunday. If you buy a Happy... Read More

Do you have people in your life who you're always waiting on

According to a study out of Harvard Medical School, people who are always running late tend to be HAPPIER and HEALTHIER than the rest of us. And they live longer too . . . so apparently they're even late when it comes to dying. Why is being late so mentally healthy? The researchers say it's because... Read More

"Ok Boomer" Is the Slang Term of the Moment

Gen Z and Millennials have a new catchphrase that hits on the generational divide: "Ok boomer." Basically, it's the catch-all response to every condescending or out-of-touch thing that Baby Boomers do. TOP 3 "Ok Boomer" Is the Slang Term of the Moment... Read More