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Felicity Huffman Says No One Was Hurt in the College Admissi

FELICITY HUFFMAN will be sentenced in the college admissions scandal TOMORROW. The prosecutors want to see her spend a month in jail, but her defense team is trying to convince the judge to let her off. They're pointing to a Probation Department report that suggests NO jail time, because there was... Read More

Remember when KELLY CLARKSON's appendix burst on LIVE TV,

Remember when KELLY CLARKSON's appendix burst on LIVE TV, while she was hosting the "Billboard Music Awards" in May? You didn't know it at the time, because she sucked it up, finished the gig, and got her appendix out AFTER the show. Sounds pretty bad-ass, but apparently, it was just another day at... Read More

U.S. Women's Soccer Co-Captain Carli Lloyd Has an Offer to T

CARLI LLOYD . . . the co-captain of the U.S. women's national soccer team . . . could be the first person to go from winning a World Cup to winning a Super Bowl. Okay, I'm rushing things a little, but check this out . . . Last week, she kicked a 55-yard field goal at a Philadelphia Eagles /... Read More

Tom Holland Discusses the Future of "Spider-Man"

Disney held its annual D23 fan expo this weekend, and one thing everybody was wondering about was the future of "Spider-Man", now that Sony has taken its ball and gone home. Well, TOM HOLLAND addressed that. He said, quote, "Basically, we've made five great movies. It's been five amazing years. I'... Read More

Could Kevin Bacon Be the Next Freddy Krueger?

At 72 years of age, ROBERT ENGLUND thinks maybe he's got ONE MORE "Nightmare on Elm Street" movie in him . . . but that's it. Which means that if the franchise is going to continue, somebody needs to take over. And Robert has a FANTASTIC idea for a replacement. At a horror convention over the... Read More

A New Blood Test Can Tell You When You're Going to Die . . .

A team of scientists in Germany just created a new blood test that is incredibly accurate at predicting when someone's going to DIE. The test analyzes a person's blood, looks for risk signs, and predicts whether the person is going to die in the next five to 10 years. And it's 80% ACCURATE . . ... Read More

Spider-Man Might Be Out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

As you probably know, Marvel doesn't own the film rights to the character . . . Sony does. But several years ago, the two studios made a deal to SHARE Spider-Man, so they could make him part of the MCU. And he became a HUGE part of it. But Marvel wanted a bigger piece of the pie, Sony said no, and... Read More

Having Kids Makes You Happier . . . Once They Eventually Mov

A new study found having kids will make you happier! Bad news: In like three decades. According to the study, people who have children are happier than people who don't . . . eventually. The happiness only really kicks in once the kids grow up and MOVE OUT. The researchers say people whose adult... Read More