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Robert Pattinson

The movie is set to hit theaters in June of 2021. Guess who Is Now the Frontrunner to Be the Next Batman Read More


Hershey's just announced they're going to change the design of their chocolate bars for the first time since 1894 . . . instead of each little square of chocolate saying "Hershey's", they're going to have different EMOJIS printed on them. Hershey's is about to break a 125-year-old tradition?... Read More

Gender Wars

It was a very low scoring game today and came down to this one question. How well do you know your colors? Martha had trouble today but listen as she came back for the win! Read More


Sleepwalking, formally known as somnambulism, is a behavior disorder that originates during deep sleep and results in walking or performing other complex behaviors while asleep. Read More

Uber Germs

A new study found the average Uber has 220 times more germs than the average taxi, because cabs are cleaned a lot more often. The dirtiest spots you should worry about are the buttons to roll the windows down, and the seatbelts. No one takes cabs anymore because Uber is so much easier, and cheaper... Read More

Mother's day

Anna Faris is Mom on Tv so I would pick her to play the younger version of mine. Sorry Mom! LOL! Read More

Gender Wars

This tie breaker question left Trevor in the dust....really? Was this Tie Breaker question to easy? Read More

Gender Wars

Moms and Dads are beating their kids on Gender Wars! Listen to Tim CRUSH IT! This Dad clearly has some free time! Read More

Gender Wars

It was a total shut out today on Gender Wars. Do you let your kids win games or are you out for blood? Mom is totally on FIRE! Read More