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Supergirl Is Getting Pants Next Season

Star MELISSA BENOIST says that Supergirl will ditch the skirt in Season Five for some skin-covering pants. The showrunner said, quote, "A lot of us were passionate about getting Supergirl into pants and out of the short skirt, and we felt like that would be a powerful move, and Melissa is really... Read More

Four Ways You've Been Eating Chocolate Wrong

According to experts, here are four ways to make it taste even better . . . TOP3 here are four ways to make it taste even better . . . 1. Stop chewing it so much. You'll taste it more if you press it up on the roof of your mouth, and let it dissolve by sucking on it. 2. Stop eating it in huge... Read More

Mattel Made a David Bowie Barbie

Mattel has released a Barbie dressed up like Ziggy Stardust . . . to commemorate the anniversary of the song "Space Oddity" . . . which was released in the U.K. 50 years ago yesterday.She's 50 bucks, and if you can't find her at a local store, you can order her from Mattel's website. TOP 3 Mattel... Read More

Is This the Real Jaws?

Some people were sailing in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Martha's Vineyard when they captured video of a massive great white shark next to their boat. Video of Is This the Real Jaws? One guy estimated it to be 30- to 35-feet long, although we can't be sure of that. But if it WAS that big,... Read More

Talking to Yourself in the Second Person Is the Secret to Success

Researchers in the U.K. watched how 22 different cyclists pumped themselves up for a bunch of 10-kilometer races. Top 3 Talking to Yourself in the Second Person Is the Secret to Success And they found that talking to yourself in the SECOND PERSON makes you perform better. Like saying, "YOU can do... Read More

Wet Nose Wednesday

The Austin Humane Society is the city’s largest no kill, non-profit animal adoption shelter dedicated to saving Austin’s homeless cats and dogs and educating our community about responsible pet ownership and reducing pet overpopulation. Shelter Operating Hours: Monday – Saturday: Noon – 7:00 pm... Read More

Forky from "Toy Story 4" is Hazardous to Your Child

Disney has recalled the Forky 11-inch plush toy, because his plastic googly eyes can detach and pose a choking hazard. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says parents should immediately take it from their kids and return it for a full refund. Read More

Could a 'Mini' Workout in the Morning Make You Smarter All Day?

Researchers in Portland, Oregon recently did a series of tests on mice to see how exercise affects your brain. And they found that even brief MINI workouts can make you smarter. They took a bunch of mice that were mostly sedentary, and put them on hamster wheels to let them run. And even short... Read More

Cutting Back on Fatty Foods Might Be Bad for You

Fat is GOOD for you? According to a new study out of Denmark, cutting back on fatty foods might actually be BAD for you. Why? Well, you probably replace them with foods that are high in refined starches and sugars, which are worse for you. Also, foods that are high in fat usually have lots of other... Read More

The Fourth of July is tomorrow.

1. 61% of Americans own an American flag . . . but most of them weren't made in America. We import $5.4 million worth of American flags from China every year. TOP 3 Here are a bunch of stats and numbers about the holiday you can whip out at a cookout tomorrow . . . 2. People around the country eat... Read More