Southwest Airlines land in Hawaii

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Will Getting to Hawaii Now Be More Affordable Than Ever?

The First Southwest Airlines Flight Has Landed in Hawaii

March 18, 2019

We've been waiting for this day for a couple of years and It's finally here.  Ever since Texas based Southwest Airlines announced their intention to offer seervice to Hawaii, anticipation has been building.  Why all of the excitement?

Traditionally Southwest Airlines has pushed fares to a destination down once it arrives.  We're hoping that will be the case for Hawaii too!  Now, I'm not planning on getting to Honolulu from Austin for 79 bucks (though, one can dream).  However, I am hoping that the added competition will make getting there more affordable than ever before. 

If we can spend less getting to Hawaii, we can spned more experiencing Hawaii.  I can't wait to experience Hawaii!  Maybe, thanks in part to SWA, our Hawaiian dream will come true.  Aloha!