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Oscars to Introduce 'Popular Film' Category in 2019

The Oscars will introduce a new category next year and it has fans of the film industry divided. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences will now honor the most "popular film" of the year. What does that mean exactly? According to the Hollywood Reporter , the Oscars "will create a new... Read More

10 Foods that Keep You Cool

The Cool Word is that Summer Heat can be beat down w/ these 10 foods . Plus there are many other benefits these foods have for our over all health. Go Organic Cool! Buy local from farms / markets. Doing this can make eating these foods even COOLER, with more benefits for us and Mama Earth! Enjoy!... Read More
Robin Wright

‘House Of Cards’ Confirms Final Season Release Date

Netflix has revealed the release date for the final season of House Of Cards . The drama was forced to shut down production after allegations of sexual misconduct concerning Kevin Spacey , but the star was fired and the series moved on with Robin Wright featured in the lead role. With Claire... Read More
Paul McCartney performs at the American Airlines Arena

Paul McCartney's ‘Carpool Karaoke’ to Get 1-Hour Special

Missing watching Paul McCartney jam out with James Corden as much as we are? Don’t fret, your wishes will be granted soon. Paul McCartney’s incredible appearance on Carpool Karaoke is being extended into a full one-hour special. The prime-time episode will debut on CBS and features never-before-... Read More
Kelly Clarkson

WATCH: Kelly Clarkson's Daughter Gushes Over Chris Martin

Kelly Clarkson 's 4-year-old daughter River Rose is obsessed with Coldplay 's song "Yellow." Kelly shared this adorable video of River singing the song and gushing over Chris Martin . She even said she wants to kiss him! So my daughter wants to marry Chris Martin and is obsessed with his song... Read More

Have you heard who's pregnant again?!

Just the other day she got a lot of people riled up with comments about missing her window to have a big family. She said, “I’m 35, so we may have missed our chance to have a big family. We always talk about adoption and doing it when our child or children are a little older.” Many people disagreed... Read More